We are migrating most ripple services to a new server on April 22nd at 20:00 UTC. There will be a downtime and you'll have to open the server switcher to connect to the new server. More information will be provided on our website once the migration is over. Thank you for your patience.
I created Ripple with Nyo
and that's about it. howl.moe

Send me a Telegram, or send nudes.
My Discord is Howl#0940.

If you want to get in touch, please use Discord or Telegram.
On Ripple, I'm in charge of the API, the website, the mirror and various other minor tools.

Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself... That is coffee.







Howl is a Ripple player from Italy.
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Global rank #381
Country rank   #11
PP 232
Ranked score 49,732,314
Total score 434,337,404
Playcount 116
Replays watched 1
Total hits 39,239
Accuracy 98.07%
Level 40