Ripple Co-Founder, Developer & Sysadmin

I'm in charge of coding the bancho and scores server emulators and a plethora of other internal tools.
I also make sure all our services are always up and running.
Send me a mail at if you
have questions regarding how Ripple works or if you are experiencing technical issues.
No, I won't help you setting up your own Ripple server.

Contacts: | Telegram | Twitter | Twitch | Website | Github | Discord (Nyo#0054)








Nyo is a Ripple player from Italy.
They signed up on Ripple .
Last seen: .
They play with Mouse, Tablet, Keyboard.

Global rank #1010
Country rank   #13
PP 4,042
Ranked score 2,562,513,784
Total score 10,432,577,196
Playcount 12,108
Total Play Time 23h 24m
Replays watched 62
Total hits 915,215
Accuracy 98.06%
Level 97