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Welcome to Ripple.

You look new here. Allow us to introduce you to what Ripple is.

Ripple is a private osu! server, featuring multiplayer, PP, a very active community and a development team going strong implementing new features and squashing bugs. You can check out even more features here. It has also a very friendly community, and it's open source! Just so you know, we currently have 168 users online and 43017 registered users!

What are you waiting for? Join Ripple! It's risk-free: you won't get your account banned on the official server if you play on Ripple.
You can also switch anytime between the official osu! server and Ripple!

Latest news from our blog

RBC #1 is over!
Morgan Bazalgette,

After about a month and a half of struggling to proceed with the tournament on time, the tournament is finally over! Congratulations to all…

Happy birthday Ripple!
Morgan Bazalgette,

Hello there! Yet another year has passed since the fateful day I created the repository on GitLab Howl/ripple . Yet another year (and some…

Multiplayer links
Morgan Bazalgette,

Yet another blog post! Today we have added multiplayer links (though still not featured in-game). This is, of course, mostly necessary for…

Ripple Birthday Cup
Morgan Bazalgette,

Good evening! As I have hinted in the previous post, something was cooking, and now we have a cake. A birthday cake! The 12th of August…

OAuth is coming to town
Morgan Bazalgette,

It has been a mostly silent 2 months on the development of Ripple. Nyo was busy with other projects, and has recently gone on holiday — as…