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We have moved our infrastructure. Please close osu!, open the server switcher and open osu! again to update the IP. Like this.
Check out this blog post for a more in-depth guide and for an in-depth view of our new infrastructure!

Welcome to Ripple.

You look new here. Allow us to introduce you to what Ripple is.

Ripple is a private osu! server, featuring multiplayer, PP, a very active community and a development team going strong implementing new features and squashing bugs. You can check out even more features here. It has also a very friendly community, and it's open source! Just so you know, we currently have 43 users online and 61238 registered users!

What are you waiting for? Join Ripple! It's risk-free: you won't get your account banned on the official server if you play on Ripple.
You can also switch anytime between the official osu! server and Ripple!

Latest news from our blog

Moving to a new server, 2019 edition
Giuseppe Guerra,

Hello Ripple people! We’ve been working hard in the past few weeks to move to a new server. Today, we are officially moving most of…

New ranked status handling
Giuseppe Guerra,

Hi, fellow Ripple users! As you may have noticed, a few days ago we have deployed a new update to our scores server, changing the way…

Ripple Server Switcher v2
Giuseppe Guerra,

The server switcher: a little piece of software that lets you magically switch between the official osu! server and ripple.

Three years
Morgan Bazalgette,

On this fateful day three years ago, me and Nyo started working on the first iteration of Ripple. I was 13 and he was 15 — so many things…

Deprecating Telegram 2FA
Morgan Bazalgette,

tl;dr: if you use Telegram 2FA, switch to Google Auth 2FA immediately!