I created Ripple with Nyo
and that's about it.

Toot at me, send me a Telegram, or send nudes.
My Discord is Howl#0940.

I am online through an IRC bouncer, so if you've sent me a message, it may take a while for me to answer.
If you want to get an answer almost certainly, Discord or Telegram is the way.

Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself... That is coffee.







Howl is a Ripple player from Italy.
They signed up on Ripple .
Last seen: .


Global rank #2637
Country rank   #48
PP 2,414
Ranked score 923,370,919
Total score 3,084,310,138
Playcount 2,206
Replays watched 12
Total hits 137,370
Accuracy 98.00%
Level 77