I created Ripple with Nyo
and that's about it.
  • I designed the Ripple website, and I am responsible for any bugs that are on it. sighs
  • I also made the partially-working osu! beatmap mirror we use for Ripple.
  • I know a bunch of stuff about Linux.
  • I don't play osu! much, in spite of being the co-founder of the biggest osu! private server.
  • I also made the thing developers use to do cool stuff with Ripple.
  • I roughly know how to translate many Latin grammatical structures. I also know some languages, but hey, Latin is cooler.
  • I'm Italian. I guess you're starting to figure out Ripple is a product of the Italian Mafia, as a lot of Ripple staffers or alumni are Italian (or related to Italy).
  • A shitty online test told me I'm an ISTP-A.
  • I often rant on my blog.
  • I really like to procrastinate.

Toot at me, send me a Telegram, or send nudes. I don't mind.







Howl is a Ripple player from Italy.
They signed up on Ripple .
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They play with Keyboard, Eggplant.




Linux nerd
Global rank #3339
Country rank   #51
PP 2,339
Ranked score 811,901,465
Total score 2,647,776,696
Playcount 1,832
Replays watched 11
Total hits 109,260
Accuracy 97.90%
Level 73