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Finally my 100th best play is a 600pp play (Count:176)

Players who inspired me the most : [Tree] (Absolute fking goat), Luv2me, RelaxingKirito.

Absolute Favorite mappers : jonathanlfj, sukiNathan, pishifat, Skystar, RLC

Peak Rank in Relax: #1 (got it back again on 13.01.2023,31.01.2024 and 06.03.2024)

.yari is my discord

https://prnt.sc/thaE57RA6qiv - PC Specs 2023

https://prnt.sc/mIXBL4lm7Woc - Tablet Area 2022

My best plays in relax: (basically plays I find near impossible for myself to replicate)

-45 - Midorigo Queen Bee [EijiKuinbii's Expert] 99.20% HDDT FC There it is. My best play which I wanted to FC ever since 2019.

Sound Horizon - Ishidatami no Akaki Akuma [The Scarlet Demon of the Stone Pavements] 99.63% FC My Best NM score (another dream score of mine)

Demetori - Fall of Fall ~ The Door Into Summer [Waterfall of Nine Heavens] 99.21% HDDT FC MY DREAM SCORE (Heartrate went to 180bpm on this)

Sound Horizon - Yoiyami no Uta [Retribution] 99.50% HDDT FC The last of my dream scores that I had to set.

Sound Horizon - Aoki Hakushaku no Shiro [In the Secret Room] 99.86% HDDT FC WHAT THE FUCK

Inferi - The Promethean Kings [The Merciless] 99.86% FC

Falcom Sound Team jdk - The Azure Arbitrator [Chrono Collapse] 99.80% HR FC

Release Hallucination - I.F. [My Loneliness Grows as the Moment of Farewell Surrounds Us] 99.69% HR FC

Pathfinder - The Fifth Element [Ancient Tales of the Time-Forged Contrivance] 99.82% HR 1xsb (Finally fixed the score with 99.84% HR FC)

Draw The Emotional - Sad Spring [Red Flows Down This Abominable Spring's Melody 98.74% HDDT FC (10.7 stars btw for aim map)

Blind Guardian - A Voice In The Dark [The Angel of Shadow Emerges Once More] 99.02% HDDT FC

Reji - A Young Girl, So Vivid in the Night [Taeyang's style [EZ mode]] 99.66% FC

Shadow Of Intent - The Tartarus Impalement [Iljaaz & Shifu's devouring vessel of infinite lies] 99.81% HR FC (WHAT IS THIS SCOREEEE)

Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - Ingaritsu No Togabito, Kyoukaimen-Jou No Unmei. [Prophetic Collab] 99.50% FC (Replaced it with 99.72% FC now)

Pierce The Veil - King For A Day (feat Kellin Quinn) [Ex] 97.19% HDDT FC

Sound Horizon - Yoiyami no Uta [Retribution] 99.82% HDHR FC

Apocalyptica - Hall of the Mountain King [VII] 99.88% HDDT FC

FF7 Original Soundtrack - Crazy Motorcycle Chase [Crazy!] 99.52% HDDTHR FC (SSed with DTHR in multi aswell so idfk)


Bring Me The Horizon - Drown (Sewerslvt Remix) [Moment of Silence] 99.48% FC

GALNERYUS - ULTIMATE SACRIFICE [The Sword of Promised Victory] 99.77% HR FC

Hades - Hades Bossfight Mix [Beyond Styx] 99.87% Sightread FC

Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - Songs Compilation [Gyakusatsu] 99.97% FC

Slice The Cake - The Exile / Stone and Silver [The Gallow's Disillusion] 99.95% FC (26 minutes and 8.07 stars]

S.S.H. - The Decisive Battle with the Fugitives [wkyik's Extra] 99.85% HDDT FC

kamome sano - </emotional> [Serendipity] 98.10% HDDT FC The most insane tech score ive done

Susumu Hirasawa - SWITCHED-ON-LOTUS [KIRBY Mix Deluxe] 98.84% DT FC This shit took me 2h of straight retrying

ZUN - Meiji Juushichi-nen no Shanghai Alice [Chaos Dance] 98.56% FC No idea how i fced this shit


(aka Arata)









Zakuro is a Ripple player from Estonia.
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They play with Tablet, Keyboard.
The Azure Chevalier
Global rank #3
Country rank   #1
PP 16,952
Ranked score 1,053,776,850
Total score 3,161,274,960
Playcount 21,504
Total Play Time 423h 28m
Replays watched 0
Total hits 9,704,861
Accuracy 99.44%
Level 78