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Age: 19
Real name: Chris
Nudes? Sure.

Actually I am still questioning why I play this game. Sometimes there is slight Improvement. Doesn't happen that often. Also I am suffering from Carpal tunnel syndrome. It's not the worst yet since I like to stretch my shit before I play but it still hurts after like 30 Minutes of playing.

At this point, let me just thank AiAe, Swan, Howl, 68% ACC guy (goeo_), Nyo, Shaural, Riven, Jere, Ami, ChinaDoll, Chibi, Yoomara, Flowers (Forgot his normal name, fuck me), the rest of the chatmod-team, Sunpy (for the nudes).

I will expand this page whenever I feel like it. But for now it will remain like this until I think it's time to change stuff here.


400PP play
Top 5 in Germany on Ripple
Top 100 on Ripple
Fc some random ass Camellia map
500PP play
Recieving more Nudes from Sunpy
The ability to finally quit this game


Them Boys!



(aka IV CrossFlame2)





CrossFlam3 is a Ripple player from Germany.
They signed up on Ripple .
Last seen: .
They play with Mouse, Tablet, Keyboard, Touchscreen, Spoon, Leap motion, Oculus rift, Dick, Eggplant.




Chat Moderator

Dungeon Master
Global rank #156
Country rank   #7
PP 6,518
Ranked score 6,614,904,648
Total score 34,033,489,159
Playcount 30,678
Replays watched 196
Total hits 803,080
Accuracy 99.22%
Level 100