We are migrating most ripple services to a new server on April 22nd at 20:00 UTC. There will be a downtime and you'll have to open the server switcher to connect to the new server. More information will be provided on our website once the migration is over. Thank you for your patience.
Hello, I won't play on Ripple anymore.
Anyone who wants any question or just small talk to me, please contact me on main server (Bancho).

> Collab with Yoomara <



(aka Mineta)





Syine is a Ripple player from South Korea.
They signed up on Ripple .
Last seen: .
They play with Mouse, Tablet, Keyboard, Touchscreen.

Beta tester 1.5

RBC #1 - First Place
Global rank #35
Country rank   #1
PP 7,789
Ranked score 15,125,392,104
Total score 76,327,419,243
Playcount 15,223
Replays watched 311
Total hits 1,261,227
Accuracy 99.90%
Level 100