14/11/2015 - Started playing osu!
16/11/2017 - Stopped playing osu!

osu! has always been one of my favourite game of all the time. There are no such games that I have ever spent much more than 5-6 hours (maybe even more) a day and play actively for 2 years than osu! But, recently, I started losing my interests in osu! (multiple reasons), and so I decided to stop playing for a while. I may comeback again if I still have the will to play on. Thank you for having a look at my profile. Wish you all best luck on getting good at osu! server and Ripple server.

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Liang is a Ripple player from Australia.
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They play with Tablet, Keyboard.

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Global rank #607
Country rank   #7
PP 4,762
Ranked score 4,791,235,698
Total score 13,396,319,057
Playcount 7,208
Replays watched 39
Total hits 743,413
Accuracy 98.38%
Level 98