"The remains of a soul have burned out; there's nothing more to see. Why are you here?"

I'd wish for a few things, I guess, whether it's a person, an object or a state of mind; though rather than being given them directly, I wish I was given the dedication and possibility of reaching them in the near future.


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Discord |-| Arctaroll#6560


Random. May get around to constructing something proper for myself, but no idea when.

Mouse: Krypton Genesis 190
Mousepad: Steelseries QCK [320mm x 270mm x 2mm]
Keyboard: HyperX Alloy FPS RGB & silver switches.
Laptop: Lenovo Stone Age Edition - enough space to store everything but not enough power to run it.

Overall: Downloading songs & leaving those maps which I personally like. Deleting maps otherwise.

Standard: M1 & M2; mouse only. | Some old scores were done with mouse & keyboard. | Not able to play too well due to mouse malfunctioning. No idea when I'll be able to replace.

Taiko: Down & Left arrow keys. | One handed; single tap everything. | Experimented on Bancho but otherwise not playing.

Catch: Left Shift; Left & Right arrow keys. | Most active due to most enjoyment from playing.

Mania: I'm too stupid to play this. | Really. | Trust me.


(aka Arctaroll)









Shunsen is a Ripple player from Poland.
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PP 2,404
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Total hits 272,425
Accuracy 100.00%
Level 86