My name is ButterDog because im literally this

Main stuff
  • Wannabe Acc/HR player.. i guess.
  • I suck at streams
  • Mainly Tablet player and singletapper.
  • Doge✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ#1605 on Discord

''Stat stuff''
  • Bancho Rank was around 200k (playtime around 95h).
  • Banned for Multi-accounting on Bancho *rip*
  • Goal is 3 digit on here :D

Everything else
  • I might stream at some point.

  • Keyboard: Roccat Suora FX (TTC Brown switches) / Some Keypad with Cherry Speed(Silver)s
  • Mouse/Tablet: Roccat Kone Aimo @600dpi / Wacom CTH-490PK-s
  • Monitor: 2 144hz ones and 1 240hz one
  • Skins: Aoki [Delis]

Me and the Gang

i kinda suck at this game lol
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ButterDog is a Ripple player from Germany.
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They play with Tablet, Keyboard.
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Global rank #944
Country rank   #68
PP 4,410
Ranked score 2,045,168,114
Total score 9,774,715,952
Playcount 9,077
Total Play Time 124h 09m
Replays watched 14
Total hits 1,675,663
Accuracy 96.82%
Level 97