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dirty doubletap farmer

friends :)
The Choke
Spaceman :(

i love making friends, please dm me in-game or talk to me in #osu, also add me on bancho ;) (Treasonist)

collab with people


hi, i've been playing for 1 year (registered on bancho October 2018)

i suck at this game lmao, i talk in the chat sometimes
wannabe speed player. mediocre at best.

Tablet: Wacom Intuos CTH 480

Keyboard: Ducky/Varmillo Miya Pro Sakura 60% brown switches

I'm left handed, use full area, and drag, I use 'B' 'N' to click
my discord is borgar#1475 if you care at all :/

prev. names: dysphoric, rest, iwanaide, Hentai Haven, tatsumaki-, shadowas child 2, shadowa fanboy, distraction, iLoveIdiots, Mafuyu Yuki, borgar, toy fanboy
[-Shadowa-] is my dad

i guess i have goals:
  • #100 US DONE
  • #50 US DONE
  • #100 Global no
  • #50 Global ???
  • 2 digit epic meme
  • 3 digit DONE
  • 300pp playDONE
  • 400pp playDONE
  • pass The Sun, The Moon, The StarDONE
  • learn finger control
  • be friends with most of the people
  • not have WeirdChamp acc
  • consider myself decent at the game

oh shit
blaze it boys

toy fanboy

(aka worst acc player NA)





toy fanboy is a Ripple player from United States.
They signed up on Ripple .
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They play with Keyboard, Touchscreen.
This user hasn't got any badges!
Global rank #260
Country rank   #29
PP 6,343
Ranked score 8,770,406,978
Total score 41,140,659,874
Playcount 26,703
Total Play Time 486h 36m
Replays watched 114
Total hits 8,705,308
Accuracy 92.86%
Level 100