niin hyvää parkplatz nice


Hey, it's ya cute boi Sebby 💜 c:

"at least i played deltamax better than peppy" ~Oona 2k17

General stuff
I'm Seb, 18 years old and I'm addicted to this weird game called osu. ;o
I prefer playing high BPM and maps with an incredible high star rating and NF.
It's nearly impossible for me to make a good play without HDDT, so don't expect too much from me...
Ultimately I'm just a disgusting farmer, hihi... 😢

What's the reason this fuccboi is playing on Ripple?
A friend of me created an account with a similar username and the osu staff expected us to be the same person.
So I got banned cause of multiaccounting, sounds cool, huh?
I also didn't plan to come back on the official servers again...
I'm grateful to have the possibility to play on this server, Ripple is a great project. 😇

Does this fuccboi also have other hobbies besides clicking circles?
Well, clicking on circles is what I'm doing most of time I suppose.
Currently I'm enjoying to play other games like CS:GO and Audiosurf 2 as well but osu! is my favorite game at this moment.
I also like to chill on Discord with my friends even though they rant me bcos of my loud keyboard.😊
You can also find them here on Ripple: Lars and Marcel

Anything else?
You can add me on Steam if you want to, I like meeting new people. :3
Have a great day. 🙃👌

"Nazi seb" ~Oona 2k17



(aka Sebby)





Seb is a Ripple player from Germany.
They signed up on Ripple .
Last seen: .
They play with Tablet, Dick.


Global rank #993
Country rank   #58
PP 4,108
Ranked score 4,556,834,593
Total score 16,624,523,225
Playcount 20,612
Replays watched 21
Total hits 1,166,344
Accuracy 97.97%
Level 98