Hello My name is Rstuvqe I am a 14 year old osu! player from the uk. I like to play osu! everyday normaly when I'm at school I'm not online (reason crap internet). I really like music and guitar. but yeah if you want to talk to me feel free to.

Stuff I play osu! with
keyboard: ducky shine 5 blue switch
tablet: Wacom intuos pro small
SKIN: rrtyui skin


(aka Connor)





Rstuvqe is a Ripple player from United Kingdom.
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They play with Tablet, Keyboard.

Global rank #4539
Country rank   #172
PP 1,253
Ranked score 298,975,569
Total score 1,134,346,838
Playcount 6,924
Replays watched 9
Total hits 183,522
Accuracy 93.94%
Level 55