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About me
I got banned on bancho 3 years ago (maybe?) for a blatant auto hack when I was very new to the game and I just kept making new accounts till I played basically only with relax on alt accounts.
The last year I decided to stop this and play legit and improve since I got tired of playing a whack-a-mole and having to create new accounts every time I got banned. I am gonna stay on ripple even if I get unbanned on bancho since it incentivates me more to play without caring about ranks.
I also suck at tapping because of the whole relax thing so I am practicing mostly finger control and speed. I both love the game and both want to improve so I take the game more seriously than my other passion (CS).

Goals ordered from easiest to hardest

- 1 hour a day of osu! for an entire year
- FC any Foreground Eclipse map (6*+)
- Singletap consistently 180bpm ~ October 2022
- Singletap consistently 200bpm
- Reach 6k pp
- Stream consistently 180bpm
- FC Save Me
- Reach 7k pp
- Play HD as good as NM


02/10/2022 - First Pre-rework 300PP (santa-san which is 290~ on bancho ;-;)

19/10/2022 - 24/10/2022 Had to go to the ER and take a break because of an illness.

25/10/2022 - Simpad anniversary edition acquired.

31/10/2022 - First 300PP (Uragiri no Yuuyake +DT which is exactly 300pp on bancho :D)

17/11/2022 - Switched back to HyperX alloy origins

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Swiggly is a Ripple player from Italy.
They signed up on Ripple .
Last seen: .
They play with Tablet, Keyboard.
Bad Genetics
Global rank #376
Country rank   #6
PP 5,663
Ranked score 1,909,674,958
Total score 14,282,771,808
Playcount 4,285
Total Play Time 99h 20m
Replays watched 3
Total hits 1,806,276
Accuracy 98.01%
Level 98