We do not support osu!fx. Please don't use it.
PLEASE if someone can tell me how to fix the turbo-random stutters i get in osu I WILL BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL 😭
this game is sometimes fucking unplayable with how much it stutters for me, even though i have a decent pc...
fucking lazer runs better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

play for fun, not for pp :]
if you wanna invite me to a multi game, just message me first o7
(as long as it's an english lobby and not relax only, i'll join)

discord: howlikefresh

[x] 5000pp
[ ] 6000pp?? probably when i reach 7k pp on bancho.
[x] top 500 ripple
[x] top 400 ripple
[x] 300pp play
[ ] 400pp play?? maybe when i can do them consistently.
[ ] 270+ pp play that cannot be done on bancho (ranked here, graved/loved on bancho)

peak ranks
global: 384
country: 1

ripple name history:
Vert (no, not this one or this one)
-Vert- (again, no, not this one)
Chika Hakozaki
hollo dar
+1 more...

if you knew me from back in the day, sorry for being a piece of shit.
hope we can forgive and forget. 🙏

my rank submissions for ripple
accidentally removed it when i cleaned my userpage and was too lazy to re-add it, sorry orz










Hilbert is a Ripple player from Lithuania.
They signed up on Ripple .
Last seen: .
They play with Mouse, Keyboard.
Beta tester 1.5
Verified Player
Global rank #385
Country rank   #1
PP 5,609
Ranked score 6,111,794,070
Total score 9,444,150,402
Playcount 1,997
Total Play Time 37h 05m
Replays watched 28
Total hits 601,707
Accuracy 98.99%
Level 96