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We do not support osu!fx. Please don't use it.

How to connect to Ripple (Linux)

This guide is only for connecting osu! to ripple, and not setting the game itself up. You can follow this guide to set the client up.

1a. Modifying the hosts file, the quick way

You can use this command to append the most up to date ripple redirections to your hosts file:

curl -s | python -c "from __future__ import print_function; import sys, json; j = json.load(sys.stdin); print('\n# Ripple\n' + '\n'.join('{} {}'.format(k, v) for k, v in {i: ' '.join([k for k, v in j.items() if v == i]) for _, i in j.items()}.items()))" | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts > /dev/null

1b. Modifying the hosts file manually

Alternatively, you can edit your hosts file manually. To do so, run nano /etc/hosts as root/with sudo.

When you’ve got it open, paste the following at the bottom:

CTRL+X and then Enter to save the file.

2. Installing the certificate

Download the certificate by clicking here

Open the Internet Explorer configuration by running wine control.

Double click the Internet Settings icon, navigate to the Content tab, then click the Certificates… button.

Click on Import, then Next.

Click Browse… then select the Ripple certificate.

Click Next.

Select Place all certificates in the following store, and click Browse.

Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities, and click Ok.

Click Next, Finish.

You should get a message saying The import was successful.

After that is done, you can start the client up, and log in with your Ripple credentials.