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We do not support osu!fx. Please don't use it.

How to connect to Ripple (Legacy method)

  • Register an account
  • Download the Ripple server switcher
  • Extract the archive somewhere (eg: in a folder on your desktop)
  • Turn off your antivirus (some antiviruses might cause some issues)

How to play on Ripple

  • Run RippleServerSwitcher.exe as administrator
  • Click on Switch to Ripple
  • If there are some dialogs about intalling the HTTPs certificate, always click on Ok/Yes. The HTTPs certificate is needed to properly connect to ripple
  • Make sure that the switcher says You are connected to Ripple
  • Open osu! and login with your Ripple account
  • Enjoy
    NOTE: If you can’t install the certificate through the automatic procedure, follow these instructions to install it manually.

How to play on official osu! again

  • Make sure osu! is closed
  • Open the switcher and click Switch to osu!
  • Make sure the switcher says You are connected to osu!
  • Open osu! and login with your osu! account
    NOTE: If you want to connect to osu!’s website and you see ripple’s website or an error, even if the switcher claims you’re connected to osu!, empty your browser cache and restart your browser.

Having troubles?

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