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Hello there,
I'm Jason, a taiko main player and mapper.
I can map all 4 modes and I also can mod them.
Want to get some feedback for your map? Ask me then.

If you want to contact me do it over discord: Demotivated Madman#0516

Keyboard: Corsair K70 Lux MX Red
Mouse 1: Trust Multicolor, RIP Mouse 2009-2019
Mouse 1: Corsair Harpoon RGB
Mouse 2: Logitech M-UK96A
Controller: Ultron Black Fire II / Keyboard: Corsair K70 Lux MX Red


(aka Demotivated Madman)





BaronVonAnime is a Ripple player from Germany.
They signed up on Ripple .
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They play with Mouse, Keyboard.
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Global rank #82
Country rank   #4
PP 3,447
Ranked score 159,793,029
Total score 361,372,066
Playcount 1,169
Total Play Time 07h 45m
Replays watched 4
Total hits 196,393
Accuracy 97.47%
Level 38